Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring. We are a liberal faith community made up of people of all ages from many backgrounds, theologies, identities, and cultures. We affirm each person’s inherent worth and dignity, honor wisdom from many religious traditions, and we practice our faith by serving our neighbors and doing justice together. We are committed to dismantling racism in ourselves and our congregation and growing into an ever more diverse, multicultural congregation.

For information on our Worship Services, including how to participate virtually and view past services, go to UUCSS Worship.

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Upcoming Events

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May 2024 Member Spotlight – Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith grew up in the DC area and except for college at Purdue University and a six-month adventure finding himself in San Francisco he’s lived here since.  Do ask Ryan about San Francisco and the return to Virginia you’ll enjoy the story as much as you’ll enjoy Ryan telling it.  Enjoyment of life is…

April 2024 Member Spotlight – Joanna Dees

Jo Dees grew up Roman Catholic; and while her parents are able to reconcile their liberal values with that strict doctrine, the more Jo learned, the less she could do so. After college, grad school, and working at an LBGT organization where she identified as an “ally,” she finally began to acknowledge she was attracted…

March 2024 Member Spotlight – Jiwon Kim

Jiwon Kim and her family came to the United States from South Korea when she was seventeen. In her own words, she was “bright eyed and bushy-tailed” and ready for an adventure. She studied Spanish literature in college and eventually found a job with the National Library of Medicine from which she recently retired. She…

February 2024 Member Spotlight – Allison Leaver

Allison Leaver’s memories of her Southern Baptist church were all positive.   The family’s social life revolved around church dinners, church services, summer camp, and social service projects.  She remembers her youth group fondly as a place where kids could both have fun and make the world better in small ways.  At college, she began to…

January Member Spotlight – Sean Randol

Sean Randol grew up in Kansas City, Missouri attending Roman Catholic Mass weekly with his family. Despite the strict sense of duty in the air, he described his family as joyful.  Yes, there was his “hippy” high school teacher talking about world religions, but things would only change when he left home for a small,…