We are a progressive, warm, and energetic faith community, committed to upholding the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and safeguarding the fragile balance of our environment. We come from many religious backgrounds, and unite to seek meaning and spiritual deepening, and share faith’s essential works of justice and compassion. We are UUCSS, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring.

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March Volunteer Spotlight – Carolyn Savadkin

Carolyn Savadkin and her husband came to UUCSS from Paint Branch UUC in the Fall of 1966.  They were looking for a church that was socially active willing to preach and work against both the Vietnam War and racism.  On the day they Signed the Book, Fred Cappuccino was in the pulpit and announced he…

Laura Ellis

February Volunteer Spotlight – Laura Ellis

Laura Ellis came to Unitarian-Universalism just out of law school in what then was probably the only UU fellowship in the Adirondacks.  She liked the Christmas service and responded strongly to our Principles.  On moving to the DC area in the late 1990’s she began looking for a UU church community.  UUCSS was the third…

Job Opportunity at UUCSS

UUCSS seeks a Communications Administrator who will ensure the efficient and effective management of the communications and administrative operations of the church. The major areas of responsibility include congregational communications, church office administration, and facility management. For more information, go to uucss.org/adminjob-at-uucss.

Jo Paoletti

January Volunteer Spotlight – Jo Paoletti

Jo Paoletti learned the basics about the UU faith from an elementary school friend – UU’s don’t believe that Jesus is God and John was drunk when he wrote the Book of Revelations.  She didn’t revisit UUs again until 1982, when she was horrified at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camp massacres in Lebanon and…

December Volunteer Spotlight – Eli Briggs

UU speak has many special touchstones, none more powerful than spiritual home.   For many of us, a spiritual home is a place of repose and safety.   For Eli a spiritual home is a place where we are called to fulfill our purpose.  She has fulfilled many roles since joining UUCSS in 1999 – Worship Commitee Chair, steward for the Annual…