We are a progressive, warm, and energetic faith community, committed to upholding the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and safeguarding the fragile balance of our environment. We come from many religious backgrounds, and unite to seek meaning and spiritual deepening, and share faith’s essential works of justice and compassion. We are UUCSS, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring.

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Photo of Steve Hirsch

July Volunteer of the Month – Steve Hirsch

The first thing you notice about Steve Hirsch is his smile.  It is a lovely smile delivered with a glint in the eye whether he’s talking about his latest (non) hairstyle or the long hard slog of the Search Committee.  At its core it shows a delight in learning and working with people, two hallmarks…

June Volunteer of the Month – Jake Ryder

Jake Ryder does not remember a time growing up when he wasn’t attending UUCSS.  Kids RE, OWL, Coming of Age and YRUU were all tucked away before starting at Rochester Institute of Technology.  While pursuing degrees in networking and cyber security he developed a real interest in criminal justice, particularly concerning the unequal treatment of…

May Volunteer of the Month – Mary Beth Lerner

Mary Beth Lerner grew up in a household committed to social justice or as she put it “it was the air I breathed.”  For many years social justice work took a back burner to an acting career in New York followed by teaching high school English and raising three children in the DC area.  Attending…