Deaf Access

American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting services are provided year round for Sunday morning worship services in the Sanctuary at 10:30 a.m. An interpreter will also be available during Coffee Hour each week.

HYBRID SERVICES (combination of in-person in the sanctuary and online via Zoom)

American Sign Language Interpretation will be available live during the service, either in the sanctuary or remotely. In either case, the ASL Interpreter will be visible two ways – merged into the main video feed from the sanctuary (if present locally in the sanctuary), and as a Zoom participant with their own Zoom window.

In Zoom look for: Participant Name: *ASL Interpreter. Click their video, then the three dots in the corner, then PIN. If you would like to view the ASL interpreter larger on your screen, please go to
Gallery View, and for one of the non-video participants, click on “…” and select “Hide non-video participants”. You should see just the service and the ASL interpreter.

If you want to see the service large and the ASL interpreter as small, repeat the instructions above, then go to Speaker view.

You can toggle between the two options (Speaker and Gallery) as you prefer.

For technical support with ASL interpretation, email

ASL Interpreting services for Children’s Religious Education (RE) classes on Sundays may be provided by request. To submit a request, please contact

View short videos showing how to sign the congregational statements used within our worship services. We encourage everyone to learn to sign these short statements.

Deaf Access Committee

To request interpreters, contact:

The Deaf Access Committee (DAC) coordinates sign language interpreting services at UUCSS and supports the church’s welcoming environment for the Deaf community. DAC works in collaboration with outreach, adult religious education, social action, worship services, activities committee, and other units of the church to help create full access for Deaf members and friends. DAC also sponsors programs such as sign language classes and workshops about Deaf Culture, depending on volunteer availability. We welcome and need new members to DAC. You do not need to know sign language to be involved!