Call Your Representatives in Annapolis This Week to Support Clean Energy!!

The members of the UUCSS Green Sanctuary Committee urge you to phone State Delegates and Senators in Annapolis to vote the Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2018 out of committee and onto the floor of the House of Delegates and Senate for a vote. This bill, endorsed by our Committee, raises the amount of energy Maryland derives from renewable energy to 50% by the year 2030, dedicates funding to workforce development programs, phases out waste incineration energy sources, and expands incentives for solar and wind-energy projects. According to the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, the bill already has enough support in both houses of the Assembly to pass, but it is stuck in House and Senate committees.

Below are the names and phone numbers of Delegates and Senators in both committees who have not yet committed to vote for the bill:

Delegate Dereck Davis (District 25, PG County, Chair): 410-841-3519

Delegate Sally Y. Jameson (District 28, Charles, Vice-chair): 410-841-3337

Delegate C.T. Wilson (District 28, Charles): 410-841-3337

Delegate Ned Carey (District 31A, Anne Arundel): 410-841-3047

Delegate Johnny Mautz (District 37B, Caroline): 410-841-3429

Delegate Talmadge Branch (District 45, Baltimore): 410-841-3398

Senator Katherine A. Klausmeier (District 8, Baltimore): 410-841-3620

Senator John C. Astle (District 30, Anne Arundel, Vice-chair): 410-841-3578

Senator James Mathias (District 38, Somerset): 410-841-3645

If you are NOT a constituent of the Delegate or Senator’s: When you call, say, “My name is _______ . I urge __________ [legislator] to cosponsor and vote yes for the Clean Energy Jobs Act. This bill will increase Maryland’s renewable energy standard to 50% by 2030 and bring thousands of family-sustaining jobs to the state. What is _________ [legislator’s] position on this bill? Thank you for your time.”

If you are a constituent, add “and I am a constituent of [legislator]” after you say your name.

Please make your phone calls this week (March 7-10), while the bill is still in both committees.

Thanks, Bruce McConachie, for the UUCSS Green Sanctuary Committee