Becoming a Better Ally: White Ally Toolkit

Do you struggle as a White person to respond in social or work situations when someone questions the reality of racism or fails to advance anti-racist work?  Do you feel confident speaking to racism skeptics in a way that is effective and not off-putting so that they stop listening? Many White people are at a loss and need tangible tools and skills to participate in healthy, productive, and effective dialogue with racism skeptics. This workshop will offer up some helpful information and tools for the White Ally Toolkit.

It might surprise people to learn that there is increasing scientific evidence that shows that empathy-based dialogues are the way to go if you want to have a chance to change adults minds. According to this research, the best way to foster debiasing is to first listen empathetically to skeptics so they feel heard, and after that, raise experiences and facts that invite them to a broader and more nuanced perspective.

Come and participate in this vital conversation.  Tickets are $20 per person and may be purchased online when you register, or you may pay at the workshop. For an additional $10 per person, the church will provide a boxed dinner. Register here.

This workshop iss developed by and is facilitated by Dr. David Campt, who is nationally renowned in the areas of community engagement, conflict resolution, inclusion, and equity. His clients have included large corporations, the White House, the US Military, and nonprofits. He is known as The Dialogue Guy. You can learn more about him and this work at


This event is sponsored by the UUCSS Racial Justice Task Force.