December Volunteer of the Month – Daniel Clark

Daniel Clark remembers being in his crib and seeing the faces of his family, most often his mother and his African-American brother and sister. That foundation experience along with being a birthright UU led him to a life that lives and breathes for racial justice. Daniel’s life mission would find expression in the aftermath of the not guilty verdict in Michael Brown’s slaying when a small cadre of UUCSS members formed our Racial Justice Task Force. Daniel moved from being a quiet member of the community to becoming a UUCSS leader working for racial justice.

As the Racial Justice Task Force became more active, Daniel saw a need for better communications within the UUCSS community and beyond. This led to his membership on a tiny Communications committee and regular involvement with the Program Council as a voice for clarifying our church mission. So far, the most concrete result of that effort is our stunning new web page, not as an end in itself, but as a means to an end. Through better communication in the broadest sense, Daniel hopes to see us grow into our own strength and own our true power, since in the end “We’re all we’ve got.”