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June Volunteer Spotlight – Jamie Jorgensen

Jamie Jorgensen was happily Mormon for most of the first forty years of his life. He remembers with affection the structure and community that the church gave him with special fondness for his year and a half doing missionary work in Brazil.  Over time, differences began to build up. Jamie leans non-theistic and socially liberal, neither of which are standard Mormon doctrine.…

The 8th Principle

In 2017, the Black Lives of  UU Organizing Collective urged UU congregations to adopt an 8th Principle in Unitarian Universalism and commit “to the dismantling of white supremacy, within the stated principles of our faith.”  At our 2020 Congregational Meeting, UUCSS committed to spend a year “in deep study and mindful reflection about what adopting…

Job Opportunity at UUCSS

UUCSS seeks a Communications Administrator who will ensure the efficient and effective management of the communications and administrative operations of the church. The major areas of responsibility include congregational communications, church office administration, and facility management. For more information, go to