Charity of the Month: Discovering Deaf Worlds

Charity of the Month for May 2017 – Discovering Deaf Worlds

Discovering Deaf Worlds mission is to advance the self-determination of signing Deaf communities through local capacity building in developing countries. We work in partnership with colleagues in selected countries to realize their goals and objectives, and work collaboratively to find solutions that meet local/national needs identified by community leaders. Discovering Deaf Worlds supports the cultural and linguistic identity of Deafness and upholds the personal dignity of Deaf individuals.

Like UUCSS, Discovering Deaf Worlds works to advance the individual worth and dignity of our fellow human beings who happen to be Deaf. I serve on the Board of this organization because I believe that it, like UUCSS has something to offer the world, and I thank you in advance for any contribution you can make toward this important work.

For more information about Discovering Deaf Worlds, please visit our website at

The collection for this worthy organization will be THIS Sunday, May 21st, when 100% of the plate will be donated. Please make your checks out to “UUCSS”, but be certain to write “Discovering Deaf Worlds” in the Memo line of your check so that we know what you intended it for. Thank you.