Charity of the Month – Comfort Cases

Charity of the Month for October 2017 – Comfort Cases

Our October Charity of the Month is the local charity Comfort Cases. Comfort Cases was founded on a mission to provide comfort and support to children entering the foster care system. This charity believes that children have the right to a more humane experience in foster care, and that starts by providing them with cases to pack their belongings in instead of a trash bags. Through the amazing support of the community, Comfort Cases has been able to expand its mission to include children who are facing crises. Every child deserves to know that she matters. When Comfort Cases provides cases to children in need, it not only offers them new items that they can keep during their journeys, it also provides them with dignity and the notion that someone cares about what they are going through. Comfort Cases is committed to engaging our community to learn about the issues facing children in foster care and to take action to alleviate the suffering of children in need. It also believes in the importance of engaging our youth to lead by example and encourage their peers to become involved with community support for kids in care. Volunteer opportunities are provided for all ages so that the entire community can truly be involved together. Please be generous and donate to Comfort Cases during the service on October 22, 2017.

The collection for this welcoming organization will be Sunday, October 22, when 100% of the plate will be donated. Please make your checks out to “UUCSS”, but be certain to write “Comfort Cases” in the Memo line of your check so that we know what you intended it for. Thank you.