December Volunteer of the Month – Tina Borror

Tina Borror has successfully chaired the auction four times, been the head of the music committee for six years, and been a vibrant member of the UUCSS musical community ever since she started attending services at UUCSS. Tina and Marty Atias first visited UUCSS in 2010, looking for a spiritual home and community in their neighborhood that shared their liberal values. UUCSS was the first—and last—local UU church they visited on their quest for a spiritual home. Tina joined the choir almost immediately. She participates in musical groups as a flutist, ukulele player, singer, and soloist. She also joined the music committee and a year later became its chair. Tina is particularly proud of the work the music committee has done to host various musical residencies and more recently to participate in local concerts with Strathmore. Currently, the music committee and the choir are preparing for a concert at the People’s Community Baptist Church on February 25th called Remembering Selma. Tina finds great spiritual and emotional connection through music and believes that many other UUCSS members do also.

Tina and Marty attended their first auction shortly after they started coming to UUCSS and thought that it was the “most fun fundraiser” they had ever attended. Tina volunteered for several auctions and, when a call went out for someone to chair the auction, Tina put up her hand. Besides donations, over fifty people volunteer annually to help run auction. The auction not only raises money, but also unites people through the shared work to put on the auction and the auction events people attend all year long. Tina believes that actively participating at the church is a great way to know people and to connect with our core values.