January 2020 Volunteer of the Month: John Henderson

John Henderson grew up UU in Des Moines, Iowa, and then later in the Princeton, New Jersey, UU church. Like many college students, he wandered off from UUism through college and law school. When he and Patti Poss moved to the DC area, they briefly attended All Souls but quickly found UUCSS to be a comfortable fit.

The things that drew and sustained John and Patti were Rev. Liz’s sermons, friendships with UUCSSers, and the children’s RE program that Rev. Ellen Jennings created. A strong feeling of community evolved, which led John to the Diversity Team. Believing we are strengthened as a community by our variety, he became a member of the Diversity Team in part to grow his own understanding. In 2012 he joined the Board because “no one can say no to John Robinette” and because of the great team already assembled. After rolling off the board in 2015, he worked on the Nominating Committee and then became Board President to fill the rest of Barbara Eyman’s term. John now serves as Property Chair, perhaps one of the hardest jobs in the congregation.

When asked why he volunteers, John says “Community doesn’t just happen. It takes us all to consciously
create community.” John has done this through leadership, personal growth, and the hard work of keeping our buildings safe and welcoming.