August Volunteer Spotlight – Teresa Meeks

Teresa Meeks was brought up in a pretty conservative Protestant church in Falls Church.  She stayed with it until a close friend was fired by the church for being gay.  After that, she was only interested in communities that supported LGBT members and staff.  Her journey began with Arlington UUC and then Paint Branch where she met her future husband Fred Teal.  They were members for many years but decided to try some other churches after they retired. There were many churches to choose from near enough to Brookville, MD but what she liked about UUCSS was the friendliness of the congregation, the large numbers of children and youth, and in-person Joys and Sorrows during worship.  As she said, “Joys and Sorrows are our communion.”

Upon arriving at UUCSS Teresa has worked on the garden, sung in the choir, provided instrumental music for services with many of her six (!) music groups, and was our Collector.  She has also worked on the annual budget drive and was a member of our Green Team.  Working on the grounds has been her favorite volunteer activity.  She misses our real, non-zoom, presences on Sunday and looks forward to the day when we can all meet together again.