Information Session: Interim Minister Search

At the Congregational Meeting on March 11, the congregation voted to authorize the Board to hire an Interim Minister for next year.  The process envisioned under our church constitution after authorization by the congregation is fairly similar to the process for hiring generally. Specifically that, after the authorizing vote, “the Board may hire the minister”.

However, as with our Interim Minister search a year ago, it seems the best course to form a search committee composed of Board members and members of the congregation who are not serving on the Board.  This search committee will review materials, interview candidates, and make a recommendation to the Board on an Interim Minister to hire.  I think the process for and results of our Interim Minister search last year were very good. And I am pleased to say that a number of the members of last year’s committee will be serving on the Interim Minister Search Committee this year.  Specifically, the members of the search committee will be:

  • Board members:
    • John Henderson
    • Sharon Snyder
    • Emily Tien
  • Non-Board members:
    • Charles Alexander
    • Kandra Strauss-Riggs

Although the process for searching for and hiring an Interim Minister is substantially more streamlined than the process that will be used for calling a settled minister, there is more of a period for discernment this year than there was last year.   So, we have set up several opportunities for members and friends of UUCSS to ask questions and provide thoughts about the hiring of an Interim Minister for next year.

Please feel free to reach out in person to a member of the search committee or by email to ,

In faith,

John Henderson

President, Board of Trustees