Michael Holmes

Michael Holmes has been the Music Director of UUCSS since 2004. In this capacity, he has helped to develop a diversified and integrated music program at UUCSS and the Music Residency Program; he has also promoted enriching collaborations among musicians in the church and in the community.  A recent example of this was his vision and planning for the “Missa Gaia” project, a musical celebration of our sacred earth, in collaboration with composer/songwriter Jim Scott who was a collaborator in the original Paul Winter Consort “Missa Gaia” production in 1982.

Phi T. Thach

  Phi T. Thach received her Associates in Business Administration, Bachelor in Social Work, and Masters in Early Childhood Education in Washington, DC. She has 11 years of experience working with youth with and without special needs and have 5 years of experience in managing up to 15- 25 caseload in working with families and…