Worship Online During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Worship has moved online through at least the end of May in an effort to protect our most vulnerable loved ones from exposure to the COVID-19 virus. Join us on YouTube on Sunday morning for livestreamed worship,  and on Facebook and Zoom for on-line connection throughout the week. Join our email list for updates and links each week; send a request to administrator@uucss.org to be added. 

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Look below to learn about and listen to some of our past sermons.

Flower Ceremony

Compost and Other Teachers / Rev. Lyn Cox You saw a little glimpse of my garden earlier. I hope you didn’t mind the weeds, and were able to hear the invitation to beauty. One of the things I have learned in the garden is that it will not and I cannot be perfect. I do…

Beloved Community – Rev. Lyn Cox

 Beloved Community, according to the King Center, was understood by Dr. King to be an achievable goal. It may well be achievable someday. Meanwhile, I think living into it, getting closer to it, is a task that asks for constant renewal. Like any kind of relationship, Beloved Community thrives on attention, tenderness, and awareness. Like…

The Smallest of Seeds: Easter (online)

Parables and stories about Jesus can help us to find meaning as we live through times of great change and uncertainty. The stories may or may not have happened in a certain way, but we can find truth in the possibilities of surprise, inclusion, and the active creation of hope. Homily 1: The Smallest of…