Youth Trip to Boston

April 9-13, 2020

The youth of UUCSS will be traveling to Boston to explore the roots of our UU faith. This is a great opportunity for our youth to deepen their understanding of Unitarian Universalism, and it’s lots of fun. The journey is open to all UUCSS youth in grades 9-12, whether they have been actively participating in COA, YRUU, or not. The trip happens only once every 4 years, so this is your chance if you are currently in grades 9-12!

We’ll depart from the church by vans early on Thursday, April 9 and return Monday, April 13. If you have a conflict but are able to arrange transportation on one end or the other, you may join us for the part of the trip that works for you. This is over Easter weekend, so many schools are already closed.

Please let us know if your youth will join us OR NOT by going to this link:

Having accurate numbers is critical to finalize lodging plans and to have enough chaperones, so please reply by Friday, January 31st.

If you can’t access the link, please cut and paste the following text into an email to

Name of Youth (First and Last):

Going to Boston? (yes or no — if no, you may disregard the rest of the questions):

Comment about dates and arrangements if you will only attend PART of the trip:              

Youth Email:    

Youth Cell Phone:        

Parent/Guardian #1 Name:  

P/G #1 Email:

P/G #1 Cell Phone:

P/G #1 Willing & Able to Chaperone if Needed? –Check with your youth also please!– (yes or no):

Parent/Guardian #2 (or Emergency Contact) Name :

P/G/EC #2 Email:             

P/G/EC #2 Cell Phone:   

P/G/EC #2 Willing & Able to Chaperone if Needed? –Check with your youth also please!– (yes or no):

Please let us know if you have questions – we look forward to your responses and are excited about the trip!

Laura Ellis, Jen Sheppard, Scott Sleek, & (newly joining us!) Brian Livelsberger