Photo of Jean Snell

February Volunteer of the Month – Jean Snell

Jean Snell remembers hearing “Eternal Spirit of Life” at All Souls’, DC and suddenly feeling at home.  While her parents Presbyterian Church in Utah had been loving and supportive, she never believed in the Trinity.   All Souls’ had the diverse community she loved and the intellectual honesty that she valued.  That diversity was lost when she moved to Seattle for graduate school, where she finally settled on an Episcopal church with her future husband.  After a few years in Seattle, Jean and her husband moved to DC and began seeking a church as their daughters grew older.  Jean was impressed with the warmth of community and Liz’s sermons.  She also appreciated that adults are invested in supporting and educating her children.

Joining the church in 2015 Jean began volunteering with the Membership committee becoming co-chair within a year.  Even now, she still sees Membership as her home base. She was an ABD steward and then became ABD cochair.  She’s also been a Catoctin meal captain and twice been a Coming of Age advisor.  Jean finds that UUCSS fulfills her need for community and spirituality.  For her volunteering is like priming a pump as every job expands the web of relationships that is constantly growing.   In all this, Jean’s love of people, in all their complexities, shines through.