August 2022 Member Spotlight – The Scurry Family

Dennis Scurry, MD did not quite fit into his wife’s Pentecostal church.  His random remarks suggesting that Jesus was the son of a Roman soldier did not go over well.  They did however fit Dennis who loved the interplay of discussion and ideas.  He found his way to UUCSS and on December 6th, 1987 signed the book.  His daughter Ebony Contreras recalls attending church with him and how the high point of Sunday was coffee hour with time to share ideas and fellowship.  Ebony recounts that he always felt welcome and accepted on the strength of who he was as a person.  Five years ago Dennis had a life changing stroke and the Board at the time wrote a letter to him thanking him for his support and letting him know that he was always a member with no further requirements.  This made a huge impression on Ebony and the Scurry family as it showed the regard with which the Church held him.  Dennis comes when he can these days and still finds joy and love in our community.

Of Dennis’ three children, Ebony was the only one who decided UUism was her religious path.  While a member of UUCS, she served as a YRUU leader. She was married in our church and then explored other church’s in the area before joining Paint Branch.  Deepening her commitment to UUism, she received a Master’s of Arts in Leadership Studies from Meadville Lombard Theological School (a UU seminary). She founded Sunstone Chapel as a Lay Community Minister where she provides liberal faith community enrichment to congregations in person and virtually. The pandemic shut down Paint Branch’s RE program and Ebony enrolled her children Onyx and Amethyst at UUCSS where they attend when Dennis does.  From their comments about the need to protect the Earth, it seems that the UU ethos has filtered down to another generation.

When asked what Ebony would like to tell the congregation, it was simply an appreciation of how the community held Dennis in their hearts in care and compassion. It is rare to see three generations of UUs in one family and we are ever grateful for their presence in our lives.