Learning to Love

Our 2017 Summer Theme

Many aspects of loving others do not come naturally to us. So what pathways do we follow as we learn how to affirm those in our lives for who they are and what they can be? What do we do when we encounter difference, or changes that occur through time and circumstance? And expanding further, what is the path we take when a practice or passion calls to us?

Love in the Shadow of War

Veronika Martin spoke about her work in conflict zones in Asia and Africa, how her family history guided her there, and what she learned from the human connections made during these difficult times.

Love Your Enemies

When Catherine Buckler initially offered to do this, she had planned to talk about her experiences at the last two Revolutionary Love conferences.  However, after viewing three videos related to the NRA ad campaign controversy, she decided to focus in on one of the ideas explored at the conferences – loving one’s enemies.  See what…