UUCSS Policy

[updated April 2016]

These UUCSS Church policies are subordinate to the Constitution of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring.  UUCSS Policies are designed to specify the parameters within which the Church does its work
How the work is completed is described in the Church’s Procedures.

Adopting and Changing Policies.

Policies may be added or the extant policies amended by a majority vote of the Trustees present at any meeting of the Board of Trustees, provided that the text of the proposed change or addition is given in writing to the members of the Board at the previous regularly scheduled meeting.  Any church member, committee or staff may bring a recommendation to the Board that a policy be amended or added.

Responsibility for Updating Policies.

The Secretary of the Board ensures that a current version of the Church Policies is available to Church members.  The Vice President (Corporate) is responsible for keeping the Policies up to date.

Responsibility for Updating Procedures

Church Procedures shall, to the extent possible, identify a committee, council or staff position responsible for maintaining and updating each section of the procedures. Such committees, councils and staff may update their respective sections of Church Procedures. The board, in consultation with the designated committee, council or staff, may also update Church Procedures.

Each committee should review and update the section of the Church procedures that covers their work and area of responsibility annually.